Sensei Glenn Atkins Looking to try and get fit Sensei Glenn began his Kyokushin training in 1984 at Westcroft & Tweedale Dojos. The main instructor was Shihan Grant Kinnaird. He has also trained under Shihan Pete Kisby, Shihan Alwyn Heath, Shihan Joe Claranino, and Shihan Cyril Andrews to name but a few. Sensei Glenn passed his Shodan in April 2000. In the summer of 2000, Sensei Steve Worrell and Sensei Glenn started their own Kyokushin Dojo in Croydon, which unfortunately has now closed. He has successfully competed in many Clicker, Knockdown and WUKO events over the years in many parts of the country. Sensei Glenn has also refereed at many events. Sensei Glenn has been a regular student/instructor at various dojos since starting his training in 1984 and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in syllabus work, katas and fighting. Sensei Glenn continues to train and help out teaching, mainly at the Wallington dojo. In 2017 Sensei Glenn completed a grueling seven hour grading, including a 30 man kumite test to achieve his 3rd Dan (Sandan)