Senpai Nagy I tried many different sports but decided to do karate as I enjoyed this the most. I started karate in 1985 with Sensei Home Janis in Miskolc. I spent 10 years at this club, I graded to 1 Kyu (Shito-Ryu). I took 2 years out of training due to family reasons. When I returned to karate I trained with Matilda Pitty, where I got my 1st Dan in 1999. I continue to with a club in Miskolc with Sensei Istvan Szabo, Sensei Fenyes Zoltan and Sensei Szathmari Pal. In 2012 I left Hungary to move to London, for a while I did workouts alone. In 2015 I joined Sutton Kyokushin (IKKU) Karate Club. In 2017 I graded for my 1st Dan.