Senpai Victor Senpai Victor started his Kyokushinkai journey in 1978 under the strict guidance of Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan at Crystal Palace. Prior to starting Kyokushin Victor was very active on the Athletics scene representing Herne Hill Harriers Athletics Club in the Nationals and trained with the likes of Daley Thompson at Crystal Palace where he discovered Kyokushinkai. He went on to extend his karate experience by competing in various competitions which was a lesson in its self. Some of you may remember Senpai Victor competed in the Welsh open-senior male Clicker competition in 2014 and achieved 1st place, he would say “You’re never too old so never give up”. Work took Senpai Victor to Dubai for 3 years and  on his return he teamed up with Sensei Graham  Russell & Sensei Allan Barnes at the Phoenix  Kyokushin Dojo to develop his coaching skills to  prepare him for his Shodan. Together with the  brilliant coaching and instructions from Shihan Alan  Cleary, Shihan Tom Smith and Shihan Norman  James he finally achieved Shodan.. It’s been a long  journey which has taken him 30 years to get there,  but Sempai Victor would say “This is just the  beginning”. It was a privilege and honour for Senpai Victor to  be handed the baton from Sensei Graham &  Sensei Allan to head up the IKKU Phoenix Dojo in  2017.