Sensei Graham Russell Sensei Graham started training in martial arts back in the late seventies/early eighties and has tried Kempo, taekwondo and Wing Chung amongst other styles before settling on Shotokan. Sensei Graham trained in this style down in Cornwall under Sensei Malcolm Phillips of the Seishinkai group achieving 1st Kyu. He has competed in numerous competitions and gained respectable places, the highlight being third place in the South West open in Southampton. Sensei Graham took a break for a few years from Karate to concentrate his efforts on his other great love...Rugby. After moving from the West Country to South London he played rugby for Sutton & Epsom RFU and then returned to Karate when his sons took up the art and discovered Kyokushin, where the hard training ethic appealed, as it matched and often exceeded his rugby experiences. In 2012 Sensei Graham achieved his 3rd Dan completing his 30 man kumite test the same day as his grading. Together with Sensei Alan Barnes he ran the Phoenix dojo Sensei Graham is a founding member of the IKKU and currently holds the position of Treasurer He is also a qualified RFU rugby union coach. In 2017 Sensei Graham was awarded his 4th dan (Yondan) for his services to the IKKU and Kyokushin in general. In 2018 Sensei Graham relocated to France. He has now settled in and is in the process of opening a dojo nearby.