Shihan Tom Smith Shihan Tom Smith started training in Kyokushin at the age of 15. Shihan Tom has many honours to his name and has been known in Kyokushin circles for many years having successfully competed both nationally and internationally at Knockdown, Clicker and WUKO events. Shihan Tom’s first dojo was with the BKK in Sutton were he came under the wing of Shihan Grant Kinnard who trained many successful fighters and who identified Shihan Tom’s potential early on. His training with Shihan Kinnard was a strict regime and he was sent to experience other dojo’s training all over London and the South East with Sensei’s Pete Kisby and Orlando, Shihan Claranino and Hanshi Arneil to name but a few. Shihan Tom has a pure pedigree as a Kyokushin fighter and as a coach. He lives and breathes the art and his enthusiasm for Kyokushin knows no bounds. This is evident in his teaching and is proven by the popularity of the dojo’s he runs with classes growing all the time and demand becoming greater by the week. The original students who started training with Sensei Tom some years ago, are now all developing into senior grades having stayed the course. This is an achievement in itself considering Shihan Tom’s training regime and steadfast refusal to compromise on standards with some sessions ranging from traditional Kyokushin training to somewhat more diverse and original sessions! However his motivational skills come to the fore here and he in turn is producing Kyokushin practitioners that he can be proud of. Having successfully fought for England and Great Britain in Europe, Shihan Tom turned to coaching and in the late 90’s set up his own dojo with Shihan Alan Cleary. Tom is a 5th dan (Gondan) instructor and, never one to shy away from a challenge he recently attempted, and completed a 50 man Kumite test. Shihan Tom was a founding member of the IKKU (Independent Kyokushin Karate Union) and currently holds the position of Chief Referee